Three wind turbines in a hilly Scottish landscape

Achrugan Wind Farm

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We are presenting all the information displayed at our local exhibitions on this site to enable access for all. View the information here until 14 June.

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Zone of Theoretical Visibility

The ZTV illustrates the theoretical visibility of the Proposed Development, based on what is referred to as a “bare earth” model. It does not include the screening effect of ground cover features, such as woodland, vegetation and buildings, which can reduce the extent of actual visibility of wind turbines from some locations. Download a copy of the ZTV here.

Exhibition Leaflet

Find out more about Achrugan Wind Farm by taking the opportunity to review the Exhibition Leaflet. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Achrugan Wind Farm project website

Visit the project website which contains the latest updates and project documents.

Achrugan Wind Farm project website

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