Berry Burn Extension

Berry Burn Wind Farm has been operating since 2014, and consist of 29 turbines. In a typical year it generates electricity equivalent to the needs of 47,000 homes. To date the wind farm has delivered over £1.3 million to over 100 local groups and initiatives via the Community Benefit Fund.

An application was submitted to extend the existing wind farm by 9 turbines. All planning application documents for the proposed extension are available to view in the planning documents folder. In March 2021 the Moray Council Planning Committee voted not to object to the proposed extension. In December 2021 consent was received by the Ministers of the Scottish Government.

If you have any questions about the project please ask us a question.

Berry Burn Wind Farm has been operating since 2014, and consist of 29 turbines. In a typical year it generates electricity equivalent to the needs of 47,000 homes. To date the wind farm has delivered over £1.3 million to over 100 local groups and initiatives via the Community Benefit Fund.

An application was submitted to extend the existing wind farm by 9 turbines. All planning application documents for the proposed extension are available to view in the planning documents folder. In March 2021 the Moray Council Planning Committee voted not to object to the proposed extension. In December 2021 consent was received by the Ministers of the Scottish Government.

If you have any questions about the project please ask us a question.

  • Ecological restoration plan leads to nomination for prestigious renewables award

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    Wildfires which devastated much of the Moray countryside in the north of Scotland last year have led to increased environmental benefits being proposed by Europe’s largest renewable energy producer.

    Work on Statkraft’s proposed extension to the Berry Burn Wind Farm, near Forres, has been shortlisted for the Outstanding Project Award, at the Scottish Renewables ‘Green Energy Awards’. In April 2019, a catastrophic wildfire spread throughout the site causing damage to precious habitats and threatening the project all together. The fire burnt for over a week and it took some time to ensure that peat fires were extinguished, and safe access could be allowed.

    Unfortunately, the habitats and vegetation across a large area - including the entire proposed extension area – were utterly devastated.

    Experts from ecological consultancy Avian Ecology worked tirelessly to ensure the project could continue by working with NatureScot (formerly Scottish Natural Heritage) and the local community to find ways to restore and then enhance the biodiversity of the site.

    Avian Ecology mapped out an engagement approach, with a high emphasis on early and on-going consultation with NatureScot to deliver an innovative habitat management plan that would bring a biodiversity net gain to the fire-damaged area, helping to turn around the catastrophe. In addition, they proposed measures to prevent the spreading of future wildfires, reducing the chance of such extensive damage reoccurring. The plan was carefully designed so as to provide improved peatland habitats for wildlife and carbon storage, providing clear benefits over and above those already in place for the operational Berry Burn Wind Farm.

    That work has now been recognised for its quality with the shortlisting for the prestigious Green Energy Awards.

    Mícheál Ó Broin, Senior Development Manager at Statkraft said: “Avian Ecology has exceeded our expectations. Their innovative ideas to minimise impacts to the natural environment is paramount in this industry as we work towards our ambitious net-zero target. We are delighted that this project partnership is getting the recognition it deserves.”

    Howard Fearn, Director at Avian Ecology Limited said: “The devastating wildfire of April 2019 significantly impeded our normal process to survey and assess ecological impacts of the proposed extension. An entirely new approach was required, and we recognised this as an opportunity to increase the environmental benefits the project could deliver. It required innovative thinking and a close-working relationship with NatureScot. The wind farm extension would enable a significant biodiversity gain through improving peat habitats, accelerating recovery from fire damage and reducing damage from future wildfires.”

    Due to Covid-19, this year’s Awards event will be held online on Thursday 26 November.

  • Submission newsletter available

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    Our latest newsletter has been distributed to over 480 homes in the area. It confirms submission of our plans for a proposed extension of Berry Burn WInd Farm.

    We would like to thank the numerous people who have generously given of their time in order to give us their feedback and guidance. Our proposal is better because of these contributions. The input of community councils, stakeholders, elected representatives and businesses has been generous and very welcome.

    Download the Newsletter

    If you have any queries, please contact us.

  • Section 36 application submitted to extend Berry Burn Wind Farm

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    We are pleased to announce that our application for a 9 turbine extension has been submitted to Scottish Government.

    All planning application documents are available to view in the planning documents folder. We appreciate that there is a lot of information contained inside the documents, and encourage you to contact us if you would like information on a specific aspect of the project.

    Mícheál Ó Broin, Senior Project Manager for Statkraft said: “We have completed all of the necessary surveys and planning work, as well as a community engagement plan which first started in December 2018. We have been fortunate to have received thoughtful, considered feedback and guidance from the community and many other stakeholders. As a result, our plan has evolved, and we believe it is even stronger than it was at the outset.”

    “This project is a great example of the rapid advances in turbine technology. In 2014 we installed a 29 turbine wind farm, generating electricity for approximately 48,000 homes. Within a short space of time we are looking at a 9 turbine project which will provide for over 35,500 homes. Furthermore, because of this increased capacity, the extension would deliver roughly the same amount of community funding as the 29 turbines.” Mícheál added.

    A wind farm of under 50 megawatts (MW) would normally be decided by Moray Council, however wind farm extensions are viewed in totality with the operational project (67MW), which means the application is made directly to Ministers of the Scottish Government.

    About Berry Burn Wind Farm Extension

    • Energy Consents Unit Reference: ECU00000718
    • 9 turbines
    • 149.9 metres to blade tip
    • 37.8MW installed capacity
    • Generating 139.1 Gigawatt hours (GWh) per year
    • Equivalent to the average annual electricity demand of around 35,575 typical homes*

    *based on 2018 Scotland average consumption of 3,910 kWh pa

  • Proud to be members of Moray Chamber of Commerce

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    As our business grows in Moray, we are pleased to be a member of the Moray Chamber of Commerce, who provide a range of valuable services tailored to Moray businesses. We look forward to exploring opportunities for potential collaboration with fellow members on supplying our projects in the region - the operating Berry Burn Wind Farm and proposed extension, as well as our first ever Greener Grid Park to start construction in Keith this year.

    Any local suppliers who wish to work with us are encouraged to register on the Local Suppliers tab of the website.

  • Statkraft and GE join forces on world-leading Moray project

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    Statkraft is a leading company in the renewables sector, including hydro, wind and solar generation. With an increasing amount of renewable electricity being generated, we've been working hard to create solutions that help the operators of the GB Grid network deliver more renewables without the need for fossil fuel backup.

    Our world-leading Greener Grid parks will increase the capacity of the grid to deliver more renewable energy, and we couldn't think of a better place to build our first project than in Scotland, a country with world-leading zero emissions targets.

    The £20m project is located in Keith, and will take approximately one year to build. To find out more, read our press release, and this article in The Guardian.

  • Residents receive Project Update

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    View the newsletter

    Over 480 households nearest the site have received a newsletter this week to provide an update on the project. The newsletter includes information on Statkraft's world-leading grid project announced in Moray, and an update on the site recovery after the wildfires.

  • New Defibrillator for Moray

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    A new life-saving defibrillator for Moray will be available to the public for at least five years after a local fundraising organisation received money to install the equipment and train operators.

    The machine will be installed for community use at the Logie Steading visitor centre, at Dunphail, near Forres, by Defibs for Moray.

    The defibrillator organisation was set up by dentist Ken Glass who was brought back to life after his heart stopped beating for 20 minutes when he suffered a cardiac arrest in 2017.

    Mr Glass was on his way to hospital in Elgin after suffering a concussion while playing football in Findhorn when his heart stopped. Ambulance staff reached him within seven minutes and revived him with the help of a defibrillator.

    Mr Glass was back to work within six weeks and subsequently began raising money for public defibrillators across Moray. A few months later, the first device was installed at Forres swimming pool and more than 20 are now in public places in the area.

    Together with the charity, Keiran’s Legacy, Defibs for Moray also provide the equipment in every high school in Moray. In addition, Mr Glass delivers presentations to villages on funding available to buy their own devices.

    Defibs for Moray secured funding for a defibrillator from wind farm operator Statkraft in response to the devastating wildfires that swept across moorland south of Forres, and through the company’s Berry Burn Wind Farm, last year.

    Statkraft wanted to contribute to the emergency response provision in the area as a way of thanking professionals and volunteers for their work and bravery in fighting the outbreaks.

    After discussions with contacts in the local community, it was decided a new defibrillator would be a welcome and appropriate donation. Statkraft has provided £2,750 to fund installing the equipment and maintenance for five years, as well as provide training to staff.

    Mr Glass said: “This donation from Statkraft is extremely generous and very welcome. It will allow us to install a new defibrillator and keep it in place for at least five years.

    “Crucially, it will also allow us to train people in its use. One of the most important parts of installing a defibrillator is raising public awareness on how to use them. We want to take away the fear factor about using defibrillators and encourage more people to take CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) classes and help save lives.

    “Without the availability of a defibrillator and quality CPR I would have died.”

    Dennis Geyermann, vice president of UK Operations at Statkraft, said: “The wild fires were devastating for parts of Moray, including the Berry Burn Wind Farm, but they highlighted the bravery of our emergency services and local volunteers who worked so tirelessly in response.

    “We wanted to thank those involved, but also do something positive in return. After much discussion, it was felt that providing a defibrillator was an appropriate addition to the emergency infrastructure. It will undoubtedly be a valuable community asset that could save lives.”

    The Berry Burn Wind Farm has been operational since 2014 and shut down temporarily during the fires, but site surveys showed no damage to the wind turbines. Statkraft is currently proposing a modest extension of nine turbines to the east of the wind farm.

  • Statkraft Project Manager Finalist for Prestigious Award

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    A member of the Statkraft development team has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Scottish Renewables Young Professionals Green Energy Awards 2020.

    The annual industry award is dedicated to individuals starting their career in the renewable energy sector, recognising those who have achieved beyond all expectations, pioneering new ideas with the drive and ambition to change the industry for the better.

    John Wallace, Project Manager at Statkraft was selected from over 100 nominations as a finalist in the Project Development category, in what the organisers describe as a “huge achievement”.

    John said: “It’s a real honour to be a finalist for this industry award, and that my work is judged by others to have merit. I’m passionate about sustainable living and my work very much chimes with that.”

    John’s successes have included playing a role in a six-fold increase in the company’s UK onshore wind pipeline in just two years; improving processes and bringing efficiencies; as well as being a dedicated mentor for summer interns. John has also recently started a Masters in Renewable Energy through distance learning at Loughborough University.

    Richard Mardon, Head of UK Wind & Solar at Statkraft: “John’s admirable work ethic, enthusiasm and tenacity in early stage development work makes him a deserving finalist. He brings great credit to himself and the company.”

    Scottish Renewables have moved the Young Professionals Green Energy Awards online this year, and

    the award winner will be announced on Friday 19 June.

  • Wind Farm emergency funding allocated

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    We're pleased to see that the Berry Burn Wind Farm Community fund has allocated an emergency fund of £6000 to help community and voluntary organisations in the area, in these particularly trying times of pandemic.

    People and groups from the Dyke Landward, Finderne, Forres, Heldon, Speyside, plus Findhorn and Kinloss, are eligible to apply.

    A spokesperson for the fund said: "This is short term emergency funding. We envisage most grants will be for a few hundred pounds. However, there is no maximum size."

    Guidelines and an application form can be found at

  • Ecology Workshop Minutes Published

    by hollieivy,
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    In response to interest in the ecology of this site at our exhibitions, we were pleased to arrange a workshop which offered the opportunity to sit down with our ecologist and look at the work that has been done so far in more detail. We would like to thank those who attended, and for their valuable contributions. For those that weren't able to attend, we are sure the workshop minutes will be of interest.

    We are pleased to publish the minutes of our ecology workshop after independent verification. If you would like to know more about our ecology work please contact us, we would be happy to arrange a time to talk about this aspect of the project in more detail.

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