Name Changing To An Càrr Dubh Wind Farm

The Gaelic spelling of the project name (Car Duibh) was raised with us during the first consultation. It is important to us that the name reflects the regional dialect in relation to Gaelic and the wind farm location. The wind farm will now be called An Càrr Dubh.

The original Gaelic ‘càrr’ meaning bog or moss has been rendered as ‘Loch nan Car’ by the Ordnance Survey, which is where we originally selected ‘Car’ from for the name of the project. We have been further advised that if combining ‘car’ (bog or moss) and ‘dubh’ (black), the correct Gaelic would be ‘(An) Càrr Dubh’ (the double r differentiates from càr meaning automobile).

The name change will go live on 28 October 2021. We will updated the website web address but all other contact details rename the same and anyone that visits the old website address will be redirected to the new address so we do not expect any issues with the updated name version.

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