About Statkraft

    Who is Statkraft?

    Statkraft is Europe's largest generator of renewable energy, and operate and majority own three wind farms in Scotland.

    Our Scottish headquarters is in Glasgow and we have 4000 employees across 17 countries.  In August 2019, Statkraft completed an acquisition agreement with UK developer Airvolution Clean Energy, bringing the entire development team in-house. 

    Read more at  www.statkraft.co.uk  

About Loch Liath

    What is the lifespan of the project?

    The project duration is likely to be 30-35years. After this time, the wind farm will either be decommissioned, have its life extended or re-powered. A bond or parent company guarantee is put in place before construction starts and used to decommission the project at the end of its lifetime.  

    How tall will the turbines be?

    We are proposing turbines with a maximum height of 200 metres to blade tip. 

    Before a planning application is submitted, we will hold a full consultation to show the final project plan in detail and give further opportunity for feedback. 

    To keep up to date throughout the project's development, please Register for Updates.  

    How many turbines are being proposed?

    Our initial layout suggests up to 26 turbines could be accommodated on the site. It is normal for this number to change as feedback is received from Statutory Consultees and more information is gained through site studies.  

    Will the project include battery storage?

    Battery storage is increasingly vital as the amount of renewable energy generation increases. 

    We will assess the potential for storage at this site, and this question is something we can answer when we are further progressed with the development.  

Local Benefits & Investment

    How can your wind farms bring improved broadband?

    We are often asked by local communities if we can help to deliver faster broadband, or even help get them connected in the first place.  


    We need high quality broadband to operate our wind farms, and we have committed to explore whether as part of our project, we can facilitate infrastructure to help benefit the community as well. 

    We are the only developer to commit to funding a feasibility study at an early stage of our projects to investigate the potential for fibre and wireless line of sight broadband. If you'd like to find out more please contact us.

    Will there be a community fund?

    Yes. Even with our subsidy-free wind farms, we commit to a community benefit fund based on the Scottish Government recommended amount of £5,000 per MW installed.

    In addition to the traditional community benefit fund, if there is interest from within the community we are keen to bring forward opportunities for shared ownership for this proposal too.

    We are also keen to look for other ways our projects can bring meaningful benefits to the community such as the potential for improved access to broadband, and maximizing opportunities to involve local suppliers.  

    Are there opportunities for local businesses to get involved?

    Yes. We have a 'Local Supplier' registration form on the website - please use this to get in touch if you are a local business and interested in supplying any of our projects. 

    We are dedicated to working with local suppliers and plan to organize 'Meet the Developer' events for businesses (either virtual or in person depending on the prevailing Covid guidance) in the future.   

    Do you offer shared ownership?

    If there is interest in the community, we are committed to offering an element of shared ownership in our projects. 


    We work with Local Energy Scotland to explore community ownership opportunities, and we can arrange separate meetings on this if there is interest. Contact us to find out more.

Community Consultation

    How will Statkraft engage on the proposals?

    We have a history of engaging early with the local community and have confidence that we can still do that despite face to face meetings not possible at this time. 

    Should restrictions on face-to-face events exist in 2021, our aim is that our consultation activities make our plans more accessible by using a combination of printed and online materials 

    We have set up this website earlier than usual to provide an easy way for people to find out more and contact us when we are unable to be present in the community. 

    We welcome the opportunity to speak with local groups and residents by phone or video call at an appropriate time to provide more detail on our proposals, introduce the team and receive feedback.

    Feel free to ask us a question, it would be great to hear from you. If you would like to stay informed on the project, please register for updates.  

    What is the impact of Covid-19 on the consultation process?

    We are following Scottish Government guidance in relation to Covid-19. The Scottish Government has made it clear that investment should continue where possible, but that this should not be at the expense of community consultation and engagement. 

    We like to meet with local residents and community representatives early in the planning process. Face-to-face meetings have not been possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic so we will be offering virtual meetings to introduce ourselves and the project.

    Should restrictions on face-to-face events exist into 2021, our aim is that our consultation activities make our plans more accessible by using a combination of printed and online materials. We are aware that some people are unable to go online, or prefer other forms of communication, so we welcome anyone to contact us by phone or write to us at FREEPOST STATKRAFT (no further address or stamp is required).

    How can I stay updated?

    We would like to keep you informed as the project progresses. You can register on this website to ensure you are kept up to date, or use the contact us form to let us know your postal address.  

    I have a question not answered here...

    We encourage you to contact us:
    • Ask a question and one of our team will respond as soon as possible.  
    • Request a call-back    
    • Write to Freepost Statkraft (no stamp or further address details required)
    • Phone 800 772 0668 

    We encourage everyone who visits this site to provide feedback and comment.  We welcome the chance to meet local residents face-to-face when it is safe to do so.