About The Developer

    Who are Statkraft?

    Statkraft are Europe's largest generator of renewable energy, and operate and own the existing Andershaw Wind Farm.  

    Over the last 10 years, Statkraft have invested over £200 million in renewable energy infrastructure in Scotland. Over £2 million has been distributed to communities near our wind farms through local Community Benefit Funds in Scotland. Read more at www.statkraft.co.uk.

    The existing community benefit fund for the operational Andershaw Wind Farm is part of the Renewable Energy Fund administered by South Lanarkshire Council. Since the wind farm became fully operational in 2017 Statkraft have contributed nearly £500,000 to the fund with over 50% of the funding allocated to local projects, including funds to the village hall in Crawfordjohn.

    Do Statkraft have any other projects in the area?

    Statkraft own and operate the Andershaw Wind Farm in South Lanarkshire.  Our first wind farm in the UK. Alltwalis in Wales, has been operational since 2009. The Statkraft UK generation portfolio includes four wind farms and one hydro plant across the UK totalling 234.5MW of installed capacity. 

    This portfolio consists of a further two windfarms in Scotland,  Berry Burn Wind Farm (near Forres), and Baillie Wind Farm (near Thurso), our fourth operational wind farm, Alltwalis is located in Wales.  See our website for all our projects in development and operation.

About West Andershaw

    Where is the site located?

    The site is located next to our operational Andershaw Wind Farm, in South Lanarkshire.  The nearest villages are Glespin, Crawfordjohn and Douglas.

    To keep up to date throughout the project's development, please register for updates and feel free to ask a question.

    How many turbines are being proposed?

    We have submitted a Scoping Request to the Scottish Government to consider the potential for up to 11 turbines west of the operational Andershaw Wind Farm.

    How tall will the turbines be?

    We are proposing a turbine height of up to 250m to tip.

    Initial site assessments have led us to the conclusion that the site can accommodate turbines of this size.

    The size and locations of the turbines are not fixed yet, further studies and consultation over the development period will help confirm the final layout and the turbine height at each location. 

    What else will there be apart from the turbines?

    Should the proposal be submitted to planning, the application will also seek consent for the necessary infrastructure and other requirements for the project.  This will include, tracks, a substation, laydown areas, a compound, site entrance, habitat management areas and other ancillary infrastructure.  

    Full details will be made available in the Environmental Impact Assessment Report which is submitted along with any Application for planning.

    Will the project include battery storage?

    Statkraft are at the forefront of battery and grid stability projects, which are increasingly vital as the amount of renewable energy generation in the UK increases. 

    Statkraft are assessing the potential for storage at this site, which could be included in the wind farm planning application, or progressed via a separate application.

    What is the lifespan of the project?

    The project duration is likely to be up to 50 years. After this time, the wind farm will either be decommissioned, have its life extended or re-powered.  A bond is put in place before construction starts and that bond is used to decommission the project at the end of its lifetime.

    What are the next steps?

    Following consultation on the Scoping Report (submitted in May 2021), we will take into account feedback from the community and consultees to help shape the design of the project.  

    We are holding this first exhibition to provide an opportunity for the community and members of the general public to view and comment upon the proposals.

    We will hold a further exhibition later in the year, hopefully in person depending on Covid-19 restrictions.  The exhibition will be held before submitting a Section 36 application.  When the Section 36 application is submitted the community will have a formal opportunity to comment on the plans as part of the statutory consultation process. 

    Find out more about the project timeline for West Andershaw in the exhibition brochure.

Local Benefits

    Will there be a community fund?

    Yes. Statkraft are committed to delivering community benefit fund for West Andershaw of £5,000 per MW installed per annum. 

    The 11 wind turbines at the operational Andershaw Wind Farm currently generate over £90,750 per annum to the Renewable Energy Fund administered by South Lanarkshire Council and have allocated funding to 20 projects in the local area to date.  Visit the Renewable Energy Fund Grants page for more information on how to apply for funding.  There balance of the current fund is over £200,000 so there are funds available for eligible projects within the local area.

    We look forward to hearing your ideas about how additional funding could be managed and allocated, you can let us know your ideas here.  

    Will the wind farm create any local jobs?

    We have an onsite maintenance team to manage Andershaw Wind Farm already, however the biggest opportunity to bring local jobs is during the construction phase. 

    Statkraft always endeavours to be a good neighbour and when bringing new investment to the community, we look at how we can share the economic value of our projects. As such, we will look to develop links with local business groups such as the  Chamber of Commerce to understand the mutual benefits of using local suppliers. We are keen to work with local suppliers. Please fill in the supplier registration form if you are a local company interested in being a supplier, or if you would like to suggest a company we could contact.

    We would like to hear your ideas as to how our project can foster economic enterprise.

    Can the wind farm bring broadband improvements?

    We are often asked by people if we can help deliver faster broadband, or even get them connected in the first place. 

    We need high quality broadband to operate our wind farms, including for West Andershaw Wind Farm if it is given the go ahead.  As we require broadband, we have committed to explore whether it can also help benefit the local and wider community as well.  We believe we are the only developer to commit to funding a feasibility study to look into the potential for fibre and wireless line of sight broadband for all our wind farm projects.

    Will you offer shared ownership of the project?

    We are committed to offering shared ownership for the West Andershaw wind farm and are happy to follow this up should there be interest within the community to explore this further.

    We work with Local Energy Scotland to explore community ownership opportunities and we can arrange separate meetings with them if there is interest.

    Will you use local suppliers?

    Yes. We have a 'Local Supplier' registration link on the website and please get in touch if you are a local business and interested in the project.  We plan to organise 'Meet the Developer' events for businesses (either virtual or in person depending on Covid-19 guidance) in the future and we are dedicated to working with the local supply chain.  

Consultation & Engagement

    How can I keep updated with project news?

    If interested, whether a local resident or a business, you can register for updates on the project and we will contact you as we progress the plans.  We follow all GDPR guidelines in relation to personal data and you can opt out at any time.

    You can use the contact details provided if you would like to chat directly with one of the Statkraft team on West Andershaw.

    What is the impact of Covid-19 on the consultation process?

    We are following Scottish Government guidance in relation to Covid-19.  The Scottish Government has made it clear that investment should continue where possible, but that this should not be at the expense of community consultation and engagement. The virtual exhibitions we are planning to hold replaces a traditional public exhibition event held in a village hall and it is our aim that our consultation activities make our plans more accessible than before.

    We like to meet with local residents and community representatives early in the planning process. Face to face meetings have not been possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic so we have been offering and taking part in virtual meetings with Community Councils to introduce ourselves and our plans.

    What opportunities will there be to engage in the future?

    Following this scoping stage, we will evaluate all feedback and will use it to help refine our proposal.  

    We can still answer questions and receive feedback after the scoping period and where we can we will do our best to incorporate it.  However, the closer the Development gets towards Public Exhibitions or planning submission it may mean that there isn't sufficient time to consider your comments before the plans are finalised.  We therefore encourage you to provide your feedback early.

    We hope to submit a Section 36 application (to the Scottish Government) later in 2021.  There is an opportunity to provide a formal representation to the Scottish Government - we will keep our project website updated with news on how to do this.

    What are the next steps?

    Following consultation on the Scoping Report (May 2021), we will take into account feedback from the community and consultees to help shape the design of the project.  

    We are planning to hold exhibitions in August 2021 which will provide an opportunity for the community and members of the general public to view and comment upon the proposals for West Andershaw Wind farm.

    We will then look to hold a further exhibition later in 2021 ahead of submitting a Section 36 application.  When the application is submitted the community will have a formal opportunity to comment on the plans as part of the statutory consultation process. 

    Find out more about the project timeline for West Andershaw Wind Farm on the website.

    I have a question not answered here...

    On this page you can ask a question and one of the team will respond as soon as possible.  

    We will also have several live Q&A sessions as part of our public exhibitions later in the year and you will be able to able to ask questions directly to the team then. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the project now please use the  request a 'Call back' form.

    We encourage everyone who visits this site to provide feedback and comment. 

    For those who are unable to access our website, they can address their letter to 'Statkraft Freepost' (no stamp required) and it will make it to our team who can respond with an answer. Alternatively, you can phone us on 0800 772 0668 (local call rate applies).

    We would welcome the chance to meet local residents face-to-face when it is safe to do so.