A stand of pines in front of an aging warehouse structure
Trecwn, Pembrokshire

Trecwn Green Energy Hub

We have created this webpage to provide information about our emerging proposals and to enable people to contact us with questions and comments. 
This webpage will be kept updated as the project develops to keep you informed and to hear your views and ideas. 

About Trecwn Green Energy Hub

We are developing proposals for a green energy hub on the former Royal Navy Armaments Depot in Trecwn, Pembrokeshire.

The emerging proposals are for hydrogen electrolysers with approximately four tonnes of hydrogen storage and facilities to refuel hydrogen buses and heavy goods vehicles. The green hydrogen facility would be entirely powered by the renewable energy generated onsite (through wind and solar).

It is estimated that the 15MW hydrogen plant will generate up to 4 tonnes of hydrogen a day, the equivalent of powering a single bus for over 40,000 miles. The hydrogen produced could be used locally for a range of purposes including transport, as a feedstock or heat source for industry and manufacturing, as well as for heating buildings.

The proposals would help support Welsh Government’s Net Zero Strategy to produce the equivalent of 70% of electricity consumption in Wales through renewable sources by 2030, as well as contributing towards the delivery of The Big Green Plan, Pembrokeshire Council’s emerging decarbonisation strategy.

EIA Scoping Report

Following our early engagement last autumn, we have taken time to review the comments received before finalising the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Report, which has been submitted to Planning and Environment Wales (PEDW).   

Key changes in response to feedback received so far include:

  • We are proposing two possible options for the electrolyser location instead of the single location proposed during our early engagement. The second option increases the distance between the electrolyser and nearby properties and provides better access to the water supply. Further detailed evaluation will be undertaken prior to final site selection, which will be presented during the statutory consultation.  
  • The area being considered for solar panels has been reduced, moving it away from several properties. The 42ha being examined as part of the EIA will be further reduced to roughly 28ha in our final plans.  
  • The solar panel layout is being designed to avoid land that is considered the best and most versatile, in line with the priorities of the Welsh Government.  

You can download the Scoping Report from the Planning Application Documents page of this website or from PEDW’s website (ref: CAS-02171-X3W6Z0). 

Map of the proposed development. Three wind turbines are proposed for an area to the north-east of Trecwn Depot. An area of solar panels are proposed to the west of Trecwn. A hydrogen manufacturing and storage equipment will sit in the centre of the depot.


Find your frequently asked questions here

If you can’t find the answers you are looking for, please submit your question using the  form at the bottom of the page  and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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Local Suppliers

Our aim is to have the least impact and provide the most benefit to the communities in which we operate. The construction phase is one way we can create economic benefits through inward investment, a...

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Project Timeline

  • Stage 1: Site Selection

    Trecwn Valley was selected following extensive research to identify suitable sites. 

  • Stage 2: Pre-Planning (Autumn 2022 - Winter 2023/24)

    We will carry out early engagement with local communities, stakeholders and elected representatives to inform the emerging proposals.  

  • Project Pause

    We have taken the decision to pause development of the Trecwn Green Energy Hub while we work to overcome challenges relating to energy infrastructure. 

  • Stage 3: Submit Planning Application, and Decision

    As the development will generate more than 10MW it is a Development of National Significance and will be submitted to Planning and Environment Decisions Wales and determined by Welsh Ministers.

  • Stage 4: Construction

    If the project is approved, construction is expected to take 15 months. Planning conditions are used to manage elements of construction.  


  • Stage 5: Operation

    The project is managed by a regionally based maintenance team, and operations are controlled by detailed planning conditions. 


The project team

Brie Foster
Brie Foster
Project Manager – Hydrogen
Seumas Skinner
Community Liaison Manager

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