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6 Dec, 2023
Thank you for attending our public consultation events.

Statkraft is grateful to everyone from the local community who attended our public consultation events for Ackron Wind Farm.

31 Oct, 2023
A Fresh Start for Ackron

Over 700 households and businesses have received an invitation to meet the development team at two exhibitions in November to discuss new plans for the Ackron Wind Farm. 

25 Oct, 2022
Low Emissions Scenario report 2022 published

Statkraft’s Low Emissions Scenario is an extensive analysis of the energy market moving towards 2050. Learn all about it here.

Low emissions scenario 2022

27 Apr, 2022
Project Update

We are grateful for the continued support for our proposed Ackron Wind Farm from Melvich Community Council(External link), the Melvich SCIO(External link) (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) and a great number of residents and businesses in the area.

25 Nov, 2021
Statkraft releases latest annual Low Emissions Scenario report

For the sixth consecutive year, Statkraft have released its Low Emissions Scenario - an analysis of the energy world towards 2050.

The Scenario covers the energy transition necessary to move towards a low emissions world.

27 Oct, 2021
Onshore Wind in Scotland will play pivotal role in meeting net-zero targets

A report has been published on how to maximise the economic benefits of clean power for consumers while ensuring that the UK reaches net zero emissions at the lowest cost.

23 Jun, 2021
You're Invited: Find out more about 'Why here?' Webinar 29th June 2021 at 10am

One of the most common questions we are asked when developing our projects is 'Why here?".

Statkraft's Head of Business and Project Development will help answer this question at a webinar on Tuesday, 29 June at 10am.


22 Feb, 2021
Statkraft recognised at Highlands and Islands Renewable Awards

Our approach to the proposed extension to Berry Burn Wind Farm in Moray has been selected as a finalist in the Highlands and Islands Renewable Energy Awards.


19 Jan, 2021
Application for 12 turbine Ackron Wind Farm submitted

Plans for the Ackron Wind Farm near Melvich have been submitted to The Highland Council. Located approximately 2 kilometres south-east of Melvich in Sutherland, the proposal is for 12 wind turbines, with a maximum height of 149.9 metres to blade tip.


24 Nov, 2020
Ecological restoration plan leads to nomination for prestigious renewables award

Wildfires which devastated much of the Moray countryside in the north of Scotland last year have led to increased environmental benefits being proposed by Europe’s largest renewable energy producer.

19 Oct, 2020
Virtual Exhibition for Ackron Wind Farm is Live

An online virtual exhibition opens today to present the final proposals for Ackron Wind Farm, near Melvich. The exhibition will run from 20 October to 10 November 2020.

8 Jun, 2020
Statkraft Project Manager is Finalist for Prestigious Award

A member of the Statkraft development team has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Scottish Renewables Young Professionals Green Energy Awards 2020(External link).

10 Mar, 2020
Targets Set To Reduce Emissions In Scotland By 75% In Just 10 Years

The power sector continues to lead efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland, according to the latest report from the Committee on Climate Change (External link)(CCC).

24 Feb, 2020
Working To Net Zero Will See Nearly 50,000 Jobs Created In Scotland

Low-carbon electricity generation, from sources including wind and solar power, must increase by around 50% in the next decade alone to meet net zero targets.

12 Feb, 2020
Congratulations to Melvich Community Council

We would like to congratulate the Melvich Community Council and its members on having held its first meetings and setting out its priorities for 2020.

5 Jun, 2019
Follow Up: Our first Ackron Wind Farm exhibition

We have been encouraged by the positive local response to proposals for Ackron Wind Farm near Melvich.

11 Jun, 2019
Public Exhibition Announced

Airvolution will be presenting details of their proposed Ackron wind farm, located 2km southeast of Melvich to locals, as well as discussing ideas around shared ownership, local construction and the fund legacy which could see £245,000 each year being available to the community, after construction.