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2 Oct, 2023
Statkraft secures consent for Energy Isles Wind Farm

Statkraft, Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy, has been granted planning permission by the Scottish Government for its Energy Isles Wind Farm, in Yell, Shetland.

The project was started in 2012 by a consortium of over fifty mainly Shetland-based businesses...


8 Jun, 2023
Thank you for visiting us!

A huge thank you to everyone was came to meet us at our recent drop in events in Yell. It was fantastic to see so masny of you and to provide an update on the project. If you have any further questions, please do get in touch via or by phone on 0800 772 0668.

1 Jun, 2023
Invitation to our drop-in sessions

Statkraft invites local residents, crofters/ landowners, local suppliers and community leaders to our drop-in sessions on the Energy Isles Wind Farm, located 1.8km west of Cullivoe.

28 Apr, 2023
Planning Committee give Energy Isles support

Shetland Isles Council Planning Committee has reaffirmed their March 2022 decision to offer no objection to the Energy Isles Wind Farm, following further consultation by the Energy Consents Unit. 

25 Oct, 2022
Low Emissions Scenario report 2022 published

Statkraft’s Low Emissions Scenario is an extensive analysis of the energy market moving towards 2050. Learn all about it here.

Low emissions scenario 2022

21 Mar, 2022
Energy Isles Receives Council Decision

Shetland Isles Council Planning Committee has offered to objection to plans by Statkraft and Energy Isles Ltd to construct anm 18 turbine wind farm on the isle of Yell. The decision by the Council paves the way for a final decision on the project by Scottish Ministers. 

19 Jan, 2021
Statkraft releases latest annual Low Emissions Scenario report

For the sixth consecutive year, Statkraft have released its Low Emissions Scenario - an analysis of the energy world towards 2050.

The Scenario covers the energy transition necessary to move towards a low emissions world.


23 Feb, 2021
Onshore Wind in Scotland will play pivotal role in meeting net-zero targets

A report has been published on how to maximise the economic benefits of clean power for consumers while ensuring that the UK reaches net zero emissions at the lowest cost.


24 Jun, 2021
Fewer turbines and reduced peat impact in revised wind farm plans

The company behind the community-initiated wind farm in Yell has submitted revised plans to the Scottish Government with fewer turbines and adjustments to the access track layout which will further reduce environmental impact.

28 Oct, 2021
You're Invited: Find out more about 'Why here?' Webinar 29th June 2021 at 10am

One of the most common questions we are asked when developing our projects is 'Why here?".

Statkraft's Head of Business and Project Development will help answer this question at a webinar on Tuesday, 29 June at 10am.

31 Aug, 2020
Our commitment to maximise local contractors

We are pleased to announce our commitment to use a free online portal to maximise the involvement of Shetland-based contractors and sub-contractors

27 Apr, 2020
Ecological restoration plan leads to nomination for prestigious renewables award

Wildfires which devastated much of the Moray countryside in the north of Scotland last year have led to increased environmental benefits being proposed by Europe’s largest renewable energy producer.

13 Jun, 2019
Read More: Renewables in the North Isles

A brief summary of the Energy Isles Wind Farm has been published, showing how it has evolved since first being proposed eight years ago. From its first beginnings as a 63 turbine project, the wind farm has constantly been re-assessed and refined as more information and feedback has been received.

1 Feb, 2020
Updated Wind Farm Plans Presented in February 2020

Local residents from the North Isles were invited to view updated plans for the Energy Isles Wind Farm on Yell. The plans from Statkraft, Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy, were on view at Cullivoe Hall on Tuesday 4th February 2020 from 12 noon - 7pm.

1 Nov, 2019
Energy Isles Shetland submits final plans for North Yell Wind Farm

Final plans for a proposed wind farm in North Yell have been submitted to the Scottish Government by Energy Isles Shetland.

1 Nov, 2019
Statkraft delivers certainty for Energy Isles

In October 2019, Energy Isles Limited, the consortium of over 50 mainly Shetland-based companies working together to develop a wind farm in the north of Yell, announced their new development partner, Norwegian energy company, Statkraft.