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15 May, 2024
Community Update - Community Benefits Fund Open and Construction News

Households and businesses close to Soay Solar Farm and Greener Grid Park have received a project update which includes details on the recently launched Community Benefit Fund and the latest news on construction.

12 Apr, 2024
Traffic Lights at Site Entrance

Yesterday the site team were made aware of a fault to the National Power Grid cable located outside the site entrance. Emergency traffic lights have been installed at the site entrance to allow investigations to be completed. We expect the investigations will be completed within the next day or so.

3 Apr, 2024
Community Fund launched for Soay Solar Farm and Thornton Greener Grid Park

We are pleased to announce the Community Benefit Fund is now open to applications, with an initial sum of £20,000 available. The Fund will support community and environmental projects located across five parishes of Allerthorpe, Thornton, Melbourne, Barmby Moor and Bielby.

2 Apr, 2024
What's happening on site this month?

The construction of Phase 1 (the small area of the site to upgrade the HV Yard) is at the halfway point. With the work now completed to widen the site entrance, the majority of the remaining work is taking place within the site. We do not anticipate the need for temporary traffic lights in future.

27 Feb, 2024
Construction Update

Works continue on grid connection works on a small portion of the site. Temporary traffic lights were recently installed at the site entrance. We had planned for these to be in place for one month, but work has progressed well and they will be removed in the next few days.

5 Jan, 2024
Supporting The People's Pantry Pocklington at Christmas

For Christmas, our construction partner Siemens Energy were delighted to donate alongside Statkraft to The People's Pantry Pocklington to support local people in the area through the festive period.

13 Dec, 2023
Neighbour update - Construction Latest and Local Supplier Spotlight

Households and businesses close to Soay Solar Farm and Greener Grid Park have received a site update which includes the latest news on construction and a Local Supplier Spotlight.

10 Nov, 2023
Application submitted for minor changes to project

We have submitted an application to make some minor changes to the original planning permission for the project.

7 Oct, 2023
Construction Update

Residents have been provided with a project update and informed how to contact us as construction commences.  The project is being implemented in three stages, and at this time we can share information on Phase 1. The first two phases are limited to a relatively small portion of the site.

28 Sept, 2023
Update on road closure sign

We are aware of a road closure sign which has recently been erected locally. This has not been organised by us and is not an area where we intend to do any works. We are investigating what this relates to and will share an update as soon as this becomes available.

2 Jun, 2023
Update on site activity

This year we have been busy progressing the many aspects required to enable construction.  This includes some pre-commencement site investigation works that are now starting to be carried out. 

29 Nov, 2022
Soay Solar Farm and Greener Grid Park Approved

We are delighted that our plans for a new solar energy farm and Greener Grid Park have been approved by East Riding District Council.

The new development will generate enough electricity to power 18,000 homes, boost the production of domestic energy and accelerate the UK’s transition to net-zero.

25 Oct, 2022
Low Emissions Scenario report 2022 published

Statkraft’s Low Emissions Scenario is an extensive analysis of the energy market moving towards 2050. Learn all about it here.

Low emissions scenario 2022

20 Jul, 2022
Planning application update – July 2022

We have carefully considered all feedback submitted to East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s consultation on our planning application as well as feedback from parish meetings.

We are delighted to make several changes to the plans, making sure that the proposals reflect community priorities.

4 Apr, 2022
Everything Under the Sun: The Facts About Solar Energy

Solar Energy UK have released a new report highlighting the benefits of harnessing the sun’s power.

28 Jan, 2022
Application submitted to East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Statkraft has now submitted a planning application to East Riding District Council for a new Solar Farm and Greener Grid Park between the parishes of Allerthorpe and Thornton (application reference 21/04505/STPLF(External link)).

28 Jan, 2022
Managing habitats to support Bumblebees

In the last 100 years bumblebee populations have crashed, with two species becoming extinct in the UK.

25 Nov, 2021
Statkraft releases latest annual Low Emissions Scenario report

For the sixth consecutive year, Statkraft have released its Low Emissions Scenario - an analysis of the energy world towards 2050.

31 Aug, 2021
Soay Solar Farm and Greener Grid Park – working together for a sustainable future

The Soay Solar Farm and Greener Grid Park are often talked about in the same breath, but whereas they are certainly complimentary, they are in fact, different projects.

2 Aug, 2021
Out of sight, out of mind – the green revolution you might not even notice!

As a passive process, solar energy generation is one of the quietest ways to create renewable electricity and with extensive screening proposed for the Soay Solar Farm and the Greener Grid Park, we are committed to ensuring the developments impact on people’s lives in a positive way.

18 Mar, 2021
Behind "Soay" - supporting diversity in farming

Through this project, we are proud to be supporting the Rare Breeds Survival Trust(External link). This project is named after the Soay breed, classified as "At Risk" on the sheep watchlist.

19 Mar, 2021
New website launched for Thornton Solar Farm

A website has been launched today to share details of an exciting new renewable energy project near Thornton, East Riding of Yorkshire.