Ackron Wind Farm

Onshore wind farms are a major contributor to Scotland's net zero ambitions

Welcome to our project website.

We are proposing a wind farm 2km south east of Melvich, Sutherland.

This website will be kept updated over the development period to keep you informed, and allow you to ask us questions and tell us what you think.

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Ask us a question or phone the project hotline: 0800 772 0668 (Monday to Fridays, 9am to 5pm).
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For more detail about Ackron Wind Farm click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Welcome to our project website.

We are proposing a wind farm 2km south east of Melvich, Sutherland.

This website will be kept updated over the development period to keep you informed, and allow you to ask us questions and tell us what you think.

Speak with Us

Ask us a question or phone the project hotline: 0800 772 0668 (Monday to Fridays, 9am to 5pm).
Complete the online feedback form, or take our broadband quick poll.

For more detail about Ackron Wind Farm click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Project Update

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    We are grateful for the continued support for our proposed Ackron Wind Farm from Melvich Community Council, the Melvich SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) and a great number of residents and businesses in the area.

    As a responsible developer, we place emphasis on being a good neighbour and developing projects that are in harmony with their surroundings.

    Since our planning application for 12 wind turbines was validated by the Highland Council more than twelve months ago (in January 2021) we have had ongoing engagement with consultees, including the Highland Council, about our application. This has focused on how we can resolve a small number of concerns raised by some consultees.

    We have now come to the conclusion that to fully address these concerns the best course of action is to withdraw the current application and submit a new, revised application. It is disappointing that this will have a delayed impact on our timeline, however having reviewed the options carefully, we consider that this will ultimately minimise the environmental impact, thereby maximising the project’s chance of success.

    We still strongly believe the site has excellent potential for a wind farm. A new application will retain all of the commitments made to the local Community Councils and residents, particularly relating to community benefits and sensitive construction traffic plan. We are committed to the site, the project and being a good neighbour to local communities.

    We will continue to keep the local community updated either in person, by email, post or here on our website.

    We thank everyone for their support and look forward to developing an even more robust Ackron Wind Farm application.

  • Statkraft releases latest annual Low Emissions Scenario report

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    For the sixth consecutive year, Statkraft have released its Low Emissions Scenario - an analysis of the energy world towards 2050.

    The Scenario covers the energy transition necessary to move towards a low emissions world.

    It finds that renewable energy and electrification are the main solutions to decarbonisation, with green hydrogen playing a key role in industry and heavy transport.

    Currently, the Earth’s temperature is 1.1 degrees warmer than it was during pre-industrial times, and we are already seeing the effects of climate change in the form of extreme heat, wildfires, and violent floods. The UN Climate Panel’s sixth report, released in August 2021, made us even more acutely aware of how a temperature increase of two, three and four degrees will have dramatic consequences for our planet. Two degrees is simply too much - we need to limit global warming to a level as far down towards 1.5 degrees as possible.

    As we face the challenge ahead, it is also important to look back and celebrate achievements:

    • Global sales of battery electric cars increased by 40%, even though total car sales fell in 2020.
    • 2020 had a record-high buildout of solar and wind power.
    • Green investments increased in 2020 despite the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. Investment in renewable power was (7%) higher in 2020 than in 2019.

    We must work together to make strides to meet our climate targets which include making solar power the world’s largest power source as early as 2035, ensuring green hydrogen plays a key role in industry and heavy transport sector and using renewable energy and electrification as a main solution for decarbonisation.

    Read the full report on the Statkraft website.

  • Onshore Wind in Scotland will play pivotal role in meeting net-zero targets

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    A report has been published on how to maximise the economic benefits of clean power for consumers while ensuring that the UK reaches net zero emissions at the lowest cost.

    RenewableUK has published their Onshore Wind Industry Prospectus which shows that in order to meet the challenge of net-zero more is required across the UK. It is positive that renewable energy production has overtaken fossil fuels as the biggest source of UK power generation, with a quarter of that electricity coming from onshore wind. Renewables have delivered thousands of jobs across the UK, not least in Scotland, where it remains the nation’s biggest employer in low carbon power generation.

    The RenewableUK prospectus sets out an ambition for 30GW of onshore wind by 2030. To put this into context, the UK currently produces 8.4GW using onshore wind turbines, powering over 4.2 million homes. An increase of 12GW will require a change to the National Planning Framework and working closely across sectors and communities. It will ultimately bring the following benefits:

    • Cut UK household bills by £25 a year paying back £16.3bn to consumers and supporting the growth of low cost, green hydrogen production in the UK.
    • Boost a green recovery by adding £45bn to the UK economy.
    • Create 27,000 high quality jobs across development, supply chain and operations activity.
    • Deliver high levels of local content that support levelling-up every part of the UK.
    • Permanently cut carbon emissions 6m tonnes a year– equivalent to planting a forest the size of Northern Ireland or taking 1 million cars off the road.

    Onshore wind is already the largest clean energy employed in Scotland, supporting 8,800 jobs and contributing £2.2bn each year. However, having established itself as a world leader in onshore wind production, Scotland is expected to create a further 17,000 jobs and £27.8bn Gross Value Added (GVA) through renewable energy projects.

    You can read the prospectus here or on the RenewableUK website.

  • You're Invited: Find out more about 'Why here?' Webinar 29th June 2021 at 10am

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    One of the most common questions we are asked when developing our projects is 'Why here?".

    Statkraft's Head of Business and Project Development will help answer this question at a webinar on Tuesday, 29 June at 10am.

    During the webinar Richard Mardon will take us behind the scenes of the development process, with a step by step guide on the challenges faced in finding the best sites to maximise Scotland's excellent natural wind resource. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions.

    Register, and find out more by clicking here.

    The event is being recorded and the link will be available shortly afterwards.

  • Statkraft recognised at Highlands and Islands Renewable Awards

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    Our approach to the proposed extension to Berry Burn Wind Farm in Moray has been selected as a finalist in the Highlands and Islands Renewable Energy Awards.

    The devastating wildfire of April 2019 required a new approach to restore and enhance the biodiversity of the site, and we're proud of what has been achieved both in terms of the project design and how we shared our plans with the community. Find out more at

    The awards are part of the annual Highlands Renewable Energy Conference, taking place on 25 February. Find out more about the event and the awards at

  • Application for 12 turbine Ackron Wind Farm submitted

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    Plans for the Ackron Wind Farm near Melvich have been submitted to The Highland Council. Located approximately 2 kilometres south-east of Melvich in Sutherland, the proposal is for 12 wind turbines, with a maximum height of 149.9 metres to blade tip.

    It is estimated the wind farm would generate electricity equivalent to the demand of approximately 45,800 Scottish homes each year. The wind farm would also generate funding of approximately £240,000 per year to benefit the local community, which equates to over £7.2 million over the project’s 30 year operating period.

    A 14 turbine scheme was first proposed in June 2019, but has been reduced by two wind turbines after feedback from the community and statutory bodies was received.

    Maya Hernes, Project Manager for Statkraft said: “The project has evolved from the original design – after listening to feedback we now have a scheme which is further inland, away from coastal landscapes and the North Coast 500 route.

    “We are grateful for the engagement and interest of the community - it has been incredibly helpful throughout the design process. We would like to thank everyone for their efforts which has really played a part in shaping the final submission.”

    The full planning application documents can be viewed on the project website or on the Highland Council website at

    We are a member of the Caithness Chamber of Commerce and we intend to work with them and other business groups to maximise opportunities for local suppliers. Interested local suppliers are encouraged to register their capabilities on the Local Suppliers register.

    To be kept informed of project news, please register for updates.

  • Ecological restoration plan leads to nomination for prestigious renewables award

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    Wildfires which devastated much of the Moray countryside in the north of Scotland last year have led to increased environmental benefits being proposed by Europe’s largest renewable energy producer.

    Work on Statkraft’s proposed extension to the Berry Burn Wind Farm, near Forres, has been shortlisted for the Outstanding Project Award, at the Scottish Renewables ‘Green Energy Awards’. In April 2019, a catastrophic wildfire spread throughout the site causing damage to precious habitats and threatening the project all together. The fire burnt for over a week and it took some time to ensure that peat fires were extinguished, and safe access could be allowed.

    Unfortunately, the habitats and vegetation across a large area - including the entire proposed extension area – were utterly devastated.

    Experts from ecological consultancy Avian Ecology worked tirelessly to ensure the project could continue by working with NatureScot (formerly Scottish Natural Heritage) and the local community to find ways to restore and then enhance the biodiversity of the site.

    Avian Ecology mapped out an engagement approach, with a high emphasis on early and on-going consultation with NatureScot to deliver an innovative habitat management plan that would bring a biodiversity net gain to the fire-damaged area, helping to turn around the catastrophe. In addition, they proposed measures to prevent the spreading of future wildfires, reducing the chance of such extensive damage reoccurring. The plan was carefully designed so as to provide improved peatland habitats for wildlife and carbon storage, providing clear benefits over and above those already in place for the operational Berry Burn Wind Farm.

    That work has now been recognised for its quality with the shortlisting for the prestigious Green Energy Awards.

    Mícheál Ó Broin, Senior Development Manager at Statkraft said: “Avian Ecology has exceeded our expectations. Their innovative ideas to minimise impacts to the natural environment is paramount in this industry as we work towards our ambitious net-zero target. We are delighted that this project partnership is getting the recognition it deserves.”

    Howard Fearn, Director at Avian Ecology Limited said: “The devastating wildfire of April 2019 significantly impeded our normal process to survey and assess ecological impacts of the proposed extension. An entirely new approach was required, and we recognised this as an opportunity to increase the environmental benefits the project could deliver. It required innovative thinking and a close-working relationship with NatureScot. The wind farm extension would enable a significant biodiversity gain through improving peat habitats, accelerating recovery from fire damage and reducing damage from future wildfires.”

    Due to Covid-19, this year’s Awards event will be held online on Thursday 26 November.

  • Virtual Exhibition for Ackron Wind Farm is Live

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    An online virtual exhibition opens today to present the final proposals for Ackron Wind Farm, near Melvich. The exhibition will run from 20 October to 10 November 2020 and can be accessed via a link on the website home page, or by clicking here.

    We first exhibited plans for a 14 turbine wind farm in Melvich in June 2019. Site studies and feedback received led us to improve on this and we now present a 12 turbine project with changes that reduce the visual impact of the scheme, particularly from the coast, and the North Coast 500 route.

    The exhibition will include videos, interactive visuals to compare the new proposal with what was originally presented, and the chance to speak directly with the project team.

    Residents have been informed of the event in a number of ways:

    • Advertisements in the Northern Times and the John O’Groat Journal
    • Facebook ads to those living in the area
    • Invitation posted to over 600 households and businesses. This includes a freepost envelope and freephone number as an alternative to going online.

    Residents can ask questions on the site at any time, and can also join an Online Chat with the Development Team during the following times:

    • 4 November, 11am to 1pm & 5pm to 7pm.
    • 10 November, 11am to 1pm & 5pm to 7pm.

    We are working closely with Melvich Community Council on aspects of the project, and have recently met with members to provide an update and discuss options to minimise the impact of construction traffic.

    Resident Invitation

  • Statkraft Project Manager is Finalist for Prestigious Award

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    A member of the Statkraft development team has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Scottish Renewables Young Professionals Green Energy Awards 2020.

    The annual industry award is dedicated to individuals starting their career in the renewable energy sector, recognising those who have achieved beyond all expectations, pioneering new ideas with the drive and ambition to change the industry for the better.

    John Wallace, Project Manager at Statkraft was selected from over 100 nominations as a finalist in the Project Development category, in what the organisers describe as a “huge achievement”.

    John said: “It’s a real honour to be a finalist for this industry award, and that my work is judged by others to have merit. I’m passionate about sustainable living and my work very much chimes with that.”

    John’s successes have included playing a role in a six-fold increase in the company’s UK onshore wind pipeline in just two years; improving processes and bringing efficiencies; as well as being a dedicated mentor for summer interns. John has also recently started a Masters in Renewable Energy through distance learning at Loughborough University.

    Richard Mardon, Head of UK Wind & Solar at Statkraft: “John’s admirable work ethic, enthusiasm and tenacity in early stage development work makes him a deserving finalist. He brings great credit to himself and the company.”

    Scottish Renewables have moved the Young Professionals Green Energy Awards online this year, and

    the award winner will be announced on

  • Targets Set To Reduce Emissions In Scotland By 75% In Just 10 Years

    by hollieivy,

    The power sector continues to lead efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland, according to the latest report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).

    In its 2019 report to Parliament, the committee, an independent body set up to advise the UK and devolved governments on emissions targets, said reductions must be made economy-wide to avoid missing those targets. Emissions fell by 3% in 2017, compared to a 10% drop the previous year.

    Scotland is committed to becoming a net-zero society by 2045 - five years ahead of the rest of the UK. It has set targets to reduce emissions by 56% by this year and by 75% by 2030. The CCC has warned the targets will be extremely challenging to meet and much more needs to be done to drive reductions.

    Statkraft aims to play its part in helping to achieve the aims with plans to invest £600 million on wind and solar projects in Scotland within the next five years.

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