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Kitland Solar Farm

A solar energy development of up to 49.9MW close to Langford in North Somerset.

We have created this website to provide information about our emerging proposals for Kitland Solar Farm near Langford in North Somerset. As part of the development we are also considering the opportunity for a battery energy storage system (BESS), which stores electricity and feeds it back into the energy network at times of high demand.

Our proposals, in addition to delivering renewable energy for over 14,500 households every year, will enhance biodiversity, and provide benefits to the local community, while supporting North Somerset Council’s pledge to increase renewable energy generation in line with its strategy to reach net zero carbon by 2030.

The project is currently in the earliest stage of the planning process.  We have submitted a Screening Request to North Somerset Council, this process helps inform the studies that will be required for any future application that may be submitted.

We are committed to consulting local residents and representatives early in the development process ensuring everyone’s views can be considered and plan to host a community consultation about our emerging plans in Autumn 2023.  

As our proposals progress the most up to date information will be shared here to help keep everyone informed. 

In the meantime you can share your views and feedback on our proposals at any point please get in touch or provide your feedback. 


Solar farm

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Local Suppliers

Our aim is to have the least impact and provide the most benefit to the communities in which we operate. The construction phase is one way we can create economic benefits through inward investment, i...

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Project timeline

  • Stage 1: Site Selection

    Extensive research to identify suitable sites. No public engagement is carried out during this time because the site may not pass the criteria required for development.

  • Stage 2: Pre-planning

    We will consult local communities, stakeholders and elected representatives on the emerging proposals.

  • Stage 3: Planning application submission (summer 2024)

    A detailed planning application will be submitted following our consultation. The proposed development will be considered by North Somerset Planning and Regulatory Committee.

  • Stage 4: Construction (2026/ 2027)

    If the project is approved, construction is expected to take up to 9 months. Planning conditions are used to manage elements of construction. 

  • Stage 5: Operation (2027/28)

    The project is managed by a regionally based maintenance team, and operations will be controlled by detailed planning conditions.

The project team

Photo of Tim McKellar
Tim MacKeller
Project Manager
Suzy Kerr
Community Liaison Manager

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