Neilston Greener Grid Park

Welcome to our dedicated website for Neilston Greener Grid Park.

Construction commenced on Neilston Greener Grid Park at the end of August 2023. We will keep this website updated with key dates and news. You can get in touch about the progress of the project here. 

Neilston Greener Grid Park, a 50 MW Grid-forming battery project in Renfrewshire won its appeal and was granted planning consent by the Scottish Government in May 2022. The project has been awarded a contract to provide stability services to National Grid Electricity System Operator and construction is scheduled for mid-2023. The project is expected to be operational in 2024.

Statkraft is delighted to be providing an additional £20K per annum community benefit fund for all of its developed Greener Grid Park projects. 


Why do we need Greener Grid Parks?

Project timeline

  • Stage 1: Site Selection

    Extensive research to identify suitable sites. 

    No public engagement is carried out during this time because the site may not pass the criteria required for being suitable for development.

  • Stage 2: Pre-Planning

    We request the view of Renfrewshire Council on the level of study required. We contact local Community Councils and consultees such as SNH, SEPA and Historic Environment Scotland.


  • Stage 3: Submit Planning Application, and Await Decision

    An application is submitted to Renfrewshire Council, accompanied by a comprehensive Planning Report and Environmental Assessments showing the results of all studies undertaken.

  • Stage 4: Pre Construction

    If approved, the project team work towards securing contracts for the construction and procurement of the equipment to be used for the project.

  • Stage 5: Construction

    The construction of a Greener Grid Park typically takes 18 months. Planning conditions are used to manage elements of construction.


  • Stage 5: Operation

    The project is managed by a regionally based maintenance team, and operations are controlled by detailed planning conditions.



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The project team

Kate Brown
Community Liaison Manager
Alison Hood
Principal Community Engagement Manager
Graeme Hannah
Project Manager

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