Local Benefits

Statkraft has always placed a high importance on being a good neighbour. Our commitment to establish a fund for communities near each of our Greener Grid Parks leads the way in grid stability projects.

We are pleased to establish a fund of £20,000 per year for the benefit of local communities near each of our Greener Grid Parks. The first payment into the fund will be made at the start of construction, to enable local projects to commence before construction of the Greener Grid Park is completed. 

What makes this fund particularly special is that it will provide a regular stream of funding dedicated to projects that help accelerate the just transition to a low carbon society.

This could include initiatives such as:

  • Training and education of local residents about renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions
  • Addressing fuel poverty through education on low-carbon living
  • Practical support for energy efficiency initiatives, from draught excluders to heat pumps and more
  • Increasing access to electric vehicle charging points and promoting electrification of transport
  • Supporting communities to develop their own renewable energy projects
  • Promoting active travel methods, including e-bikes 
  • Supporting residents with information on how to pursue careers or retrain to join the net zero workforce

Apply for Funding

We have appointed GrantScape to set up and administer funds from our Greener Grid Parks. They are a highly respected charity and experts in community fund management with over 20 years' experience and one of the UK's major grant-makers having distributed nearly £90 million to local communities. They administer funds on behalf of Local Authorities, renewable developers and landfill operators. GrantScape will work with each community to establish their local fund and operate a fully open and transparent grant-application process.