Construction commenced on Neilston Greener Grid Park at the end of August 2023.

Neilston Greener Grid Park will provide stability to the grid with 50MW of batteries and grid stability equipment.

We expect the construction to take approximately 18 months. 

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Neilston Greener Grid Park latest construction updates

27 Mar, 2024
Neilston Battery Delivery Update.

Delivery of the batteries and inverters for Neilston Greener Grid Park will commence on the 8th April 2024.

26 Feb, 2024
Transformer delivery update

The delivery of the Neilston Greener Grid park transformer (a large piece of electrical equipment which is required for the project to connect to the electricity grid). 


20 Dec, 2023
Traffic measures update - Neilston Greener Grid Park

Statkraft will be implementing a temporary 30mph speed limit from the 8 January 2024 to 18 December 2024 on Glenifer Road (the B775) which will cover the duration of the construction of our Neilston Greener Grid Park Project. 

29 Aug, 2023
Construction commences at Neilston Greener Grid Park

Statkraft has commenced construction at Neilston Greener Grid Park.

In April 2022 our planning application for Neilston Greener Grid Park was consented by the Scottish Government’s Department of Planning and Environmental Appeals Division. 

Local suppliers

A range of suppliers and services are needed to build a project. We are interested in hearing from local companies that usually supply construction sites, as well as off-site services such as lodging, restaurants, catering and car hire.

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Local benefits

We are pleased to establish a fund of £20,000 per year for the benefit of local communities near each of our Greener Grid Parks.

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